About Us

MP-LEMC was founded in the United Kingdom on the 15th December 2019 by six former members of the Royal Military Police. We are dedicated to promoting the passion of motorcycling and helping the families of our Brothers and Sisters, who have given up their lives whilst protecting and serving the Crown and this Great Nation.

The objective of the Motorcycle Club (MC) is to bring together Serving and Veteran Royal Military Police who have a common bond in ‘Biking’. It cements the RMP Family and continues the esprit de corps, which has been in existence throughout the history of the Corps.

MP-LEMC is structured and operates as a traditional MC, governed by rules and by-laws, with elected Officers seeing to the day to day business.  Following MC protocol provides us with the necessary structure to maintain true to the MP-LEMC laws and bylaws. We are a family-orientated democratic club, run by the members for the members.

Club Ethos

The Military Police Latin Motto is ‘Exemplo Ducemus’, which translates to ‘By Example We Lead’, which is the key foundation of our club.

As well as leading by example we believe in maintaining the principles of inclusiveness, openness, integrity, fairness, respect and trust.

Club Mission

To raise money for our charities whilst enjoying life on our bikes whilst treating other MCs with the respect that we would expect them to afford us.  Our main focus is to attend, sponsor, and support events that benefit the Military Police Veteran community.   We are committed to providing support to families who have lost a loved one, specifically our brothers and sisters who have made the ultimate sacrifice and supporting other law enforcement clubs where possible with similar goals.

Other MC’s

We are not an 1% (Outlaw) club and we do not associate with 1% clubs nor have any interest in 1% business.  We do not interfere with the business of any other MC, nor do we lay claim to any territory. We respect everybody’s freedom of the road and we respect your rights and expect the same in return as our constitution intended.