Although our Patch is bought, it has been earned with our Service to the Crown and Country serving with the Royal Military Police.  Our Members may have served with the Armed Forces or other organisations in hostile / combat environments.  We have also walked the same ‘thin blue line’ as our civilian ‘brothers’, or served with police forces across the country

Our top rocker indicates we are formed from Military Police and our bottom rocker shows the Royal Military Police Latin motto ‘Exemplo Ducemus’ , which translates to ‘By Example We Lead’. 

Our Crest shows the Crown under which we have all served and the letters RMP, in which we proudly served.   

MP-LEMC Bike Pennant

The cost for the pennant inclusive of VAT and postage is £27 from Suffolk Insignia who can be contacted on the following address:

Please quote MPLEMC when placing your order with payment either by card or BACS.

Only members who have paid their subscription are entitled to purchase or display any club insignia including this pennant.