MP-LEMC Constitution

Section 1.   Name of the club

Section 2.   Membership criteria 

Section 3.   Ruling and governance

Section 4.   Membership fees and patches 

Section 5.   Charity

Section 6.   Personal conduct

Section 7.   Management of funds and accounts 

Section 8.   Supportive or offensive patches

Section 9.   Disputes

Section 10. The Constitution

Section 1

Name of the Club

This club shall be known as the Military Police Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club, herein referred to as the MP-LEMC. The use of this name or any emblem, insignia or logo representing it may only be used or displayed with the express permission of the Club committee. 

Section 2

Membership Criteria 

Membership is wholly restricted to either serving or ex Royal Military Police, regular or reserve, and may require proof of service.  Associate membership is awarded to any person who has or does work directly with the Corps or who has a strong demonstrable link to the Corps.  An Associate membership is only granted subject to approval and acceptance by the committee.  Only full members have the right to vote on club matters and wear or display the club insignia and patches.  Associate members have no voting rights and can only wear the Associate Members patch.  

Section 3

Ruling and Governance

The organisation, the MP-LEMC, shall be formally governed by the duly elected committee principal officers, consisting of the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary, plus other club officers.  The Committee will assume all responsibilities for the ruling and governance of the Club and must be quorate in order to pass any motion or change, with the exception of changes to the constitution, (see section 10), and then subject to a majority vote which must then be formerly documented and presented to the membership. 

Additional officers may be appointed or co-opted to the committee as the activities and the needs of the club expand.  All officers, without exception, will be filled through open nomination and majority election.  Election will take place annually at the AGM or within 30 days of a vacancy for any of the principal officers at an extraordinary committee meeting.

The elected committee will be required to meet at a minimum of annually in order to conduct club business.

Section 4

Membership Fees and Patches

The MP-LEMC is a non profit making organisation.  All full members are required to pay an initial joining fee, consisting of the first years membership fee and set of patches, and then subsequently each year an annual membership fee.  A small percentage of the members fees will be utilised for the administration and management of the club, the remainder will be included in the club charitable contributions.  Associate members joining and annual fees will be 50% of that of full membership.  Both Joining and annual membership fees will be assessed annually and will appear as a minuted item at the AGM.  Annual membership fees are to be paid in January.  Fees not received by the end of that month will prompt a single email reminder, any fees not then received will result in the individuals membership being cancelled. The breakdown and usage of club funds will be published within the annual accounts.  

All additional or replacement club patches and insignia will be purchased by the individual and only from the designated and approved supplier via the nominated club committee member. The reproduction or copying of club patches or insignia is forbidden and remains the intellectual property right of the MP-LEMC.

 Any member who either leaves the MP-LEMC by choice or who is ejected from membership may not under any circumstances wear or display club insignia, emblems or patches.

Section 5


It is a stated objective of the MP-LEMC to raise charitable funds to support the Royal Military Police Association (RMPA) and any other appropriately nominated and elected charity

Section 6

Personal Conduct

It is required by the constitution of the MP-LEMC that any member under its governance whilst wearing or displaying club insignia or patches must act in a manner so as not to bring the Corps or the Club into disrepute. Any such action would be referred to the committee for consideration and may result in the termination of the membership of said individual or individuals. This action would be subject to appeal but the ultimate decision of the committee post appeal would be final.

Members of the MP-LEMC whilst wearing club insignia or patches shall not engage in political or religious demonstrations.

Section 7

Management of Funds and Accounts

It shall be the responsibility of the duly elected treasurer to manage the club accounts and funds.  He or she will be accountable for the presentation of an annual statement of accounts that will be audited by a minimum of two nominated club members who are not members of the committee.  The accounts shall then be presented at the AGM for acceptance. The annual accounts once accepted and approved are to be published in full to the membership.  Any financial irregularities would be referred to an appropriate agent external to the club (e.g. accountant or professional auditor) and subject to their findings appropriate action would be taken.  

All financial transactions or expenditures will require a minimum of two signatures by an elected club principal officer. Signatures can be real (hard copy) or subject to the correct authentication, virtual (digital signature).

Section 8

Supportive or Offensive Patches

No supportive badges or patches may be worn by any member of the MP-LEMC for any form of 1% or outlaw Motorcycle Club, or any article or insignia that may be misconstrued as such. Any patches or badges that may cause offence may not be worn in conjunction with MP-LEMC insignia or patches at any time.  In order to wear MP-LEMC insignia or patches in conjunction with any other recognised MC patches then formal approval must be sought from the committee by submitting an application to the club Secretary.  Any approved combination of insignia or patches would then be published to the membership and further individual approval would not be required.

Section 9


In the event of a dispute between members that can not be reconciled amicably between the respective parties, then the dispute will be brought to the attention of the Committee by submitting it in writing to the Secretary.  A meeting will then be convened by the committee and to include all involved parties. If a resolution can not be achieved, the issue will be decided by a vote of the principal officers of the Committee, their ruling will be final and not subject to appeal. 

Section 10

The Constitution 

To facilitate any changes or additions to the constitution of the MP-LEMC it must first be published for comment by the membership and given sufficient time for any interested party to respond.  Any change or addition must then be presented at the AGM and subject to a majority vote for acceptance.  If time dependent or urgent it may be presented to the full committee (not a quorum) and be accepted and passed by a majority vote.  Once accepted, a revised constitution must be published to the membership stipulating the nature and time of the change (i.e. with immediate effect or at the beginning of the club financial year)